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Motorcycle equipment from BikeNord

BikeNord is owned and operated by Göran Sidnor with staff. One reason we started BikeNord was because as a customer I felt the lack of a little odd and different brands in the motorcycle industry. It was always the same brand that figured wherever you turned. With BikeNord we were able to choose right from the start to specialize in free and cool Kevler clothing from JOHN DOE. Then we supplemented with motorcycle clothing from French FURYGAN. The requirements for wearing both motorcycle helmets, motorcycle protective clothing and motorcycle shoes increased with increasing customer base and now we supply brands such as DAVIDA motorcycle helmets, PREMIER motorcycle helmets, BILTWELL motorcycle helmets, DMD, BANDIT, SHARK and others. MC Protective clothing from ZANDONA and MC shoes that are moving in from both ICON, STYLEMARTIN and JOHN DOE and others.

The journey towards a more exciting range of motorcycle equipment continues

We also decided to develop our range of MC parts and accessories when we started our partnership with REMUS Sport exhaust system for motorcycles. Our vision of a web shop with MC equipment and accessories of the slightly different kind lives on strongly and ever since we fill up with interesting MC parts and products in MC equipment.

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